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Corneal Service

What this service does

The corneal service provides care for people with conditions affecting the eye surface including the front clear part of the eye, the cornea.  We treat emergencies as well as care for more long-term conditions of the cornea. We offer surgery including corneal transplantation (grafts), corneal crosslinking for Keratoconus, corneal implants, and pterygium surgery.  We also offer treatment for refractive problems and immune suppression for auto-immune diseases.

Meet the team

The team is headed by four experienced consultants, Mr Jeremy Prydal, Mr Vijay Savant, Miss Napreet Dhillon and Miss Tiew. Our specialist nurses, Michelle Rickerby, and Boby George run clinics alongside these consultants as well as providing a corneal crosslinking service. We have specialist optometrist Prashant Mistry, Gayle Lapworth, and Yahya Vali who support the corneal team by providing expert refractive assessment, alongside running the keratoconus monitoring service, and providing a contact lens service.

The team is joined by a new registrar every six months, as well as two fellows every year. Registrars normally have about seven years’ experience as a doctor and fellows typically have nine years’ experience and often come from other hospitals or countries to gain and share.

Useful Contact Numbers

Corneal secretary 0116 2585913

Corneal specialist nurse 07970 940125

Optometry 0116 2585858

Patient Information Leaflets

Can be found here: