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Blood Sciences - Haematology

There are haematology laboratories at each of our hospitals in Leicester.

We employ highly trained and experienced biomedical scientists in our laboratories. They study blood cells and blood coagulation (clotting) systems as well as cells in both bone marrow and the peripheral blood stream.

Much of the work of our haematology laboratories is computerised and automated, although we carry out a number of highly specialised manual tests.

Blood transfusion services are often associated with haematology laboratories, but in Leicester these two services are managed separately.

Special Haematology and HMDL Service:

Located on Level 2, Sandringham Building, Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Contact Details:

Haemostasis Laboratory - 0116 258 6619

Haemoglobinopathy Laboratory - 0116 258 7531

HMDL Laboratory - 0116 258 6518

Hours Of Business:

Routine Laboratory Service: Monday to Friday 08.00 to 20.00

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