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Cellular Pathology

The Cellular Pathology Department compromises Histopathology, Diagnostic Cytology and Mortuary Services

Histopathology is the study of organs and tissues and Diagnostic Cytology the study of cells in fluid samples. They involve the specialised preparation of pieces of human tissue or fluids to produce glass slides that are viewed under a microscope to determine if disease may be present.

Samples are received from a wide range of sources including operating theatres, day surgery units, endoscopy and colposcopy units, outpatient clinics and GP surgeries.

We receive in excess of 60,000 tissue samples and 5,000 cytology samples, and examine over 300,000 microscope slides per year.

The samples are prepared by experienced and trained biomedical scientists, supported by biomedical assistants and are reported on by our team of medically qualified pathologists.