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User Engagement

The Pathology Department works with numerous stakeholders to improve the service we provide, produce test results more efficiently and create learning opportunities whilst also generating additional revenue streams.

Internal stakeholders include:

UHL wards

Outreach services

Externally we work with:

Other NHS Trusts/Organisations

Equipment manufacturers


Universities & Students

Private laboratories

Current/Recent Engagement:


Behind the scenes at UHL Pathology 2020

 For the past 3 years UHL Pathology labs have opened their doors to the public, staff and patients to allow a sneak peek behind the scenes, however this year we have had to do things a little differently. 

 Despite the current pandemic, the Pathology department at Leicester’s Hospitals are offering the opportunity to have a virtual look inside our busy laboratories, demonstrating the specialist work that goes on behind the scenes to aid patient diagnosis and care. 

 Please see the link to "Behind the scenes 2020" in the left hand menu for more information.