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This is a new website designed to help patients recover from the long term effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19). 

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If your patients have had Covid and are still having some ongoing physical and psychological symptoms, they may not know where to get advice on how to manage these. 

What does the website include?  

  • Supporting mental health     
  • Advice on getting moving again 
  • Information linked to symptom management 
  •  A section for family and friends 

Website Access: 

The website is publicly available to all. The information on the website is downloadable with the ability to print. 

Your Covid Recovery programme app 

 An online recovery programme to support patients after COVID-19.

Your Covid Recovery website pic
The Your COVID Recovery programme has been developed to give a more personalised and tailored approach to care. It is designed to help individuals recover from the long term effects of coronavirus (Covid) and manage the effects both on their body and mind effectively, reducing the impact it has on their day-to-day life.

The programme contains a range of resources to help an individual cope with COVID. Some of these topics include: supporting your mental health, advice on getting moving again, information linked to symptom management and nutritional advice.

Individuals are encouraged to set goals and choose the resources that may help them to achieve their targets. How to access the programme Your Covid Recovery is a password-protected web app available on your computer, tablet device or smart phone. It is available to all following an assessment with a healthcare professional and a referral to the programme. Please get in touch if you are a commissioner or healthcare professional and are interested in providing this programme in your area via Phase 1 or email the team on: yourcovidrecovery@uhl-tr.nhs.uk