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Respiratory disorders, Lung disorders, and Thoracic medicine

Our Department is based at Glenfield Hospital.

Respiratory medicine inpatients and most of our clinics are at Glenfield Hospital. A consultation and clinic service is also provided at the General Hospital and the Royal Infirmary. There are also clinics in Loughborough , Melton and Hinckley.

The department has recently undergone a period of rapid growth and is now the second largest single site department of respiratory medicine in the UK. We have 86 medical beds as well as a 25 bed clinical decisions unit (CDU) and 14 short stay beds on Ward 20. We also have a 4 bed high dependency unit (HDU) and access to six intensive therapy unit (ITU) beds.

We are closely linked with general medicine and integrated with the clinical immunology and allergy service and thoracic surgery, as well as the emergency provision of respiratory medicine.

The scope of the department covers all aspects of respiratory medicine including acute respiratory and intensive care, bronchoscopy service, pulmonary function, allergy, TB surveillance and contact clinic, cystic fibrosis clinic and assisted ventilation service.

Members of the department have been national and international pioneers in the development of pulmonary rehabilitation, the use of  non-invasive markers of airway inflammation in the clinic, basic cell biology of asthma and allergy, thoracoscopic lung volume reduction surgery, thoracic oncology, tuberculosis and lung cancer service delivery.


More information:

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