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Leicester TB services

We host the local tuberculosis (TB) services for the rapid diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with TB and of those in close contact with TB patients.

The clinical team includes a dedicated TB nursing team together with specialist consultants in infectious diseases, respiratory medicine and paediatrics (child care). The wider team also includes specialists in microbiology, radiology, pharmacy and public health.

The TB nursing team is based at Glenfield Hospital but the nurses also provide outpatient services at Leicester General Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Patients diagnosed with TB will receive regular medical reviews through home visits and phone contact as well as appointments at dedicated hospital clinics until the condition has been cured.

Contacts of TB patients are investigated according to agreed protocols and treatment for confirmed latent infection (meaning not currently active disease) is generally offered to those under the age of 35 . In many cases close contacts of TB patients are monitored for a period of time by repeated chest xrays.

Local policies and protocols are in line with nationally set standards and are supervised by the Leicester TB management board. All aspects of the service as well as the local TB epidemiology are monitored and audited carefully.

We are proud to present our short animation, made in collaboration with De Montfort University, to help raise awareness of TB