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Rapid access

The tuberculosis (TB) service is committed to prompt identification and treatment of all active cases of TB in Leicestershire and systems have been put in place to ensure that this is the case.

Across all three NHS hospitals in Leicester, and all out-lying hospitals, chest x-rays suggestive of the disease are immediately sent (electronically) to our TB specialist team led by Dr Woltmann.

All relevant clinical information is then gathered by using a detailed symptom questionnaire to ensure urgent cases are seen without any undue delay.

As a result, hospital admission or an urgent review in a clinic, sometimes on the same day, may be arranged. In some cases important laboratory samples (phlegm samples are most important) are collected first before a formal clinical review takes place.

Since this system has been in operation in 2004, active TB cases have been seen at an earlier stage and further transmission of the disease in the community has been minimised.


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