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TB nursing service

All patients diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) have a named TB specialist nurse as their case manager. The TB nurse specialists are managed by Leicester City Community Health Service, which is part of Leicester City Primary Care Trust and are based at Glenfield Hospital.

All specialist TB nurses are expected to complete the relevant TB specialist post registration training and qualification. The main functions of the TB nurses are to:

  •      support the medical management of TB patients

  •      trace and screen contacts 

  •      support the investigation and diagnosis processes

  •      provide a specialist resource for advice

  •      offer training and raise awareness of the disease

TB is curable. It is usually treated with a six-month course of antibiotics, which must be completed in order to discourage recurrence of disease or drug resistance.

It is crucial that the response to TB treatment is closely monitored and directly observed therapy (DOT) may be required. Treatment monitoring is performed to agreed standards and is intended to help patients by reducing the risk of serious adverse effects and lead to successful completion of the treatment.

An evidence based risk assessment tool is used throughout treatment, in order to make informed decisions about the management of individual patients.

TB nurse specialists also have a role in wider disease prevention and promoting awareness of the prompt recognition of symptoms among the general public and other health professionals.