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Useful links

The following websites may be helpful:


Alzheimer's Society - information about dementia

Aphasia Works - helping people with aphasia live with hope, dignity, and comfort

British Stammering Association - information and support on stammering, also known as stuttering

Communication difficulties contacts - a range of organisations that offer advice and information for people with communication difficulties 

Connect - practical, creative and lasting solutions for people with aphasia

Different Strokes - by young stroke survisors, for young stroke survivors

Glossary of terms - a brief explanation of common disorders affecting speech and language

Headway - information, support and services to people with a brain injury, their family and carers

Huntingdon Disease Association - support for people affected by Huntington's disease 

Motor Neurone Disease Association - resources for people with motor neurone disease (MND)

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - support for the newly diagnosed and those living with MS over time

National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs - advice about removal of the larynx or voice box

Parkinson's Disease Society - supporting people with Parkinson's, their families, friends and carers

PSP Europe Association - advice on progressive supranuclear palsy

Speakability - help for people with aphasia who find it hard to speak, read, write or understand language

Stroke Association - information and a discussion forum for stroke sufferers

Voice Care Network - advice on how to keep your voice healthy