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Stroke services

A stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to the brain is disturbed, either by a clot blocking the circulation, or bleeding into the brain.

Like all organs, our brain needs the oxygen and nutrients that are provided by our blood, to function properly. If the supply of blood is restricted, or stopped, brain cells begin to die, leading to brain damage. and in severe cases, death.

A stroke is a medical emergency and prompt treatment is essential because early treatment can minimise the extent of damage to the brain. 

UHL have an agreed Stroke Admission Pathway including:

  1.  Paramedic pre-alert to the emergency department.
  2.  A system of prioritisation of urgency of review of patients with stroke in the emergency department.
  3.  Those potentially eligible for emergency "clot-busting" treatment are alerted by ED to the Stroke oncall team to facilitate early assessment, brain scan and move to the Stroke Unit.
  4.  We work closely with the Emergency department to identify and resolve issues with the Stroke Pathway.

Other Services within this area:

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