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Inpatient services

The inpatient stroke services at Leicester Royal Infirmary are housed in Wards 25 and 26, which are on the third floor of the Windsor Building. Ward 25 includes an admission / assessment area where new patients are admitted. 

Day-to-day medical care is overseen by the consultant-in-charge, and carried out by the doctors-in-training, with support by associate specialists, trust grade doctors and physicians assistants.  Good nursing care is the key to preventing complications following stroke, and this is carried out under the supervision of the ward sisters on each individual ward.

Following initial medical investigations, we have a philosophy of early rehabilitation provided by our dedicated team of therapists, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists. 
We contribute actively to teaching and research, and you may be invited to contribute / take part in these.

Daily morning multi-disciplinary board rounds help in setting individualised goals for our patients.

Any patient queries can be made directly to the ward and can be directed to the appropriate professional.  Where matters are not resolved by initial discussion, consultants are available to provide further clarification and an appointment can be arranged by the ward staff.

You can find accessibility information for Ward 25 LRI here.

You can find accessibility information for Ward 26 here.