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One-stop transient ischaemic attack (TIA) clinic

Pre-clinic information
At our one-stop TIA clinic, we review people who are suspected to have had a TIA (mini-stroke) or minor stroke.

The clinic is open 7 days a week, and is now located in the Clinic Area of the Balmoral Building, at Leicester Royal Infirmary. If you have been referred to the TIA clinic and have not heard about an appointment within 48 hours, please call the TIA clinic to check if we have received the information and acted accordingly.

  • You need to be referred by a clinician (either from a primary care or hospital clinician). Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to provide a self-referral or walk-in service presently.
  • Please DO NOT DRIVE to the clinic.You are not allowed to drive if you have had a suspected TIA or Stroke, and further advice will be provided after review in the clinic and clarification of diagnosis.  
  • Please bring all your medication (or medication list) with you for review. 

This link takes you to the patient information leaflet for the TIA Clinic

Information for referring doctors:

GPs can refer patients using the PRISM system. 
UHL clinicians can refer using the PLEXIAS system (accessible via NC or the TIA clinic Insite page).

If for any reason, the electronic system is not working, please use the paper form (linked below)
**Please DO NOT post referrals**, and also, note that this is NOT a walk-in service.

GPs with queries can also call the TIA clinic nurses for initial advice, and they will advise or forward you to a Consultant, where needed.  Alternatively, you may call the oncall Stroke Consultant via UHL switchboard.

TIA Clinic Phone No: 0116 258 (5431)

You can find accessibility information for TIA Clinic here.