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Stroke emergency treatment

The two emergency treatments available for acute ischaemic stroke (clot causing blockage/no bleeding) are:

1. THROMBOLYSIS: clot-busting therapy - a medication given via a drip to try and dissolve a clot causing blockage of blood flow.  This is available 24-7.
2. MECHANICAL THROMBECTOMY: clot-extraction - an interventional procedure undertaken in Nottingham.  This is available during the working week, and Saturday and Sunday mornings (2024).

The Rapid Admission process includes:

Timely early presentation to hospital allows us to undertake urgent brain imaging and decide what emergency treatment is feasible.

a) Prompt recognition of FAST symptoms in the community to alert emergency services
b) Rapid attendance by the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) and transfer to the Emergency Department (ED) at Leicester Royal Infirmary, calling ahead to pre-alert the emergency team at UHL.
c) An established ED pathway for seeking specialist input where emergency treatment may be feasible.  
d) Front-door attendance by the Stroke Team for expediting brain scan and emergency treatment, if deemed appropriate. 

If you suspect someone is having a stroke using the FAST or BE-FAST Test, the most appropriate response is to call '999'.  Some people with minor stroke do not need admission or emergency treatment, and may be diverted to an urgent clinic.