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East Mercia Urology

East Mercia Urology: A partnership between United Lincolnshire Hospitals and University Hospitals of Leicester

East Mercia Urology brings together urology expertise from two large units into a single department. It provides a population of over two million patients with access to specialist care including, but not limited to, robotic assisted surgery, lithotripsy and brachytherapy. Development of East Mercia Urology is led by its Partnership Board accountable to both Trust Boards.

Over time, our patients will see a single department with shared pathways of care across hospital sites in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. The pathways will be designed so that all patients, wherever they live, can access the same choice of treatment options. Care will be delivered closer to home wherever this is possible and a choice of hospital will allow them to benefit from the shortest waiting times available.

Recruitment, teaching and education of staff and patient access to clinical trials will be strengthened by the larger single department linked to the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. Our first joint consultant appointment has been made. Consistent patient information and a single specialist Multi-Disciplinary Team will help cement the relationship and improve our service to our patients. 

While complex cancer surgery has been our first priority, we will explore the other opportunities for joint working and shared care across a range of urology sub-specialties. 


United Lincolnshire Hospitals: Paula Sugars. Email: Paula.Sugars@ULH.nhs.uk 

Leicester's Hospitals: Angela Barnard. Email: Angela.Barnard@uhl-tr.nhs.uk 

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To register for access please contact: Jon Currington. Email: Jon.Currington@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

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