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Simulation Centre @ Leicester

SC@LE offers simulation training across UHL and the region. We have a dedicated simulation centre in the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and a High Fidelity Patient Simulator located at the Glenfield Hospital. Our courses are predominately multi-disciplinary with a strong focus on team working and communication.

We are a regionally recognised centre for simulation and deliver a number Health Education England – East Midlands courses for doctors in training. SC@LE also provides simulation based education for undergraduate medical students attending the University of Leicester (UoL).  The centre runs simulations focusing on clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment every 7 weeks for up to 48 students for each of the following study blocks; Acute care, Cardio-respiratory, Gastro-Intestinal and Peri-op. More challenging simulations which focus on communication, team working and legal-ethical issues are also regularly run for the students.

SC@LE also supports and delivers in-situ simulation with the aim of training in-tact healthcare teams in low frequency high risk events or in serous untoward errors and near misses. 

Courses at SC@LE

Below is an example of the course we run. If you interested in attending any of them or would like to more about in-situ simulation please contact csu@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

Simulations for UHL staff include;

  • Acute Care Simulations (Band 5 nurses)
  • Trust grade doctor simulations
  • Advanced Acute Care Simulations (Band 6 and above)
  • In-situ simulation (call to discuss)
  • Physiotherapy simulations

Simulations for Undergraduate medical students include;

  • Acute care,
  • Cardio-respiratory,
  • Gastro-Intestinal
  • Peri-op
  • Patient safety
  • Preparation for Professional Practice

Regional Simulations;

  • Acute Care Simulations (for Foundation Year doctors)
  • Advanced Acute Care Simulations (Core Medical Trainee’s and Higher Specialty Trainee’s)