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Our strategies

A nurse researcher in the clinical library
A nurse researcher in the library at Leicester Royal Infirmary
Research nursing and midwifery

The education and training strategy for nurses and midwives is for those working in research or with an interest in research. It identifies objectives and pathways for development. At Leicester’s Hospitals we actively encourage our nursing and midwifery workforce to consider careers as clinical research practitioners or as proactive researchers.

Career development opportunities will be offered at all levels and specialties, and discussed with staff as part of their training needs analysis on an annual basis. The programme of activities will support practitioners to comply with CPD requirements as well as offering exciting opportunities to clinical academics.

For more information please contact Antonella Ghezzi, Head of Research Nursing and Midwifery at antonella.ghezzi@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.

Download a copy of the research nursing and midwifery strategy here.

Research therapy strategy

The research strategy for occupational therapists and physiotherapists is complementary to the nursing and midwifery strategy outlined above. The aim of this strategy is to support and build research awareness, involvement, activity and leadership by therapists across the trust, at all levels. This strategy is intended to support the trust’s priorities to “maximise the opportunities for our patients to benefit from research” and “for research to be seen as core business rather than an adjunct to our clinical services.”

Career development opportunities will be offered across the board and discussed with staff as part of a training needs analysis at annual appraisal. In the report we set out our plans for therapy over the next three years.

This strategic plan for therapy research aims to build on our existing strengths and to develop a research culture within Leicester’s Hospitals which enables, values and celebrates the impact that therapy research has on patient care.

We believe that therapists at all levels and roles can (and should) be involved in research.

For more information please contact Linzy Houchen-Wolloff, Research Lead for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy at Linzy.Houchen@uhl-tr.nhs.uk or 0116 250 2759.

Download a copy of the research therapy strategy here.