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Before you begin your research you will need to ensure you have permission from various authorities such as regulatory bodies at a national level as well as approval from the host organisation, the clinical department and various other areas at a local level.

Things to remember

  • It may take as long as three months to receive approval from national organisations, depending on how quickly you respond to queries about your application
  • If your project does not have the appropriate approvals from national regulatory bodies, you will not be allowed to proceed with your research
  • Ensure you ask the head of department or head of nursing for permission to carry out the research
  • Ensure your DBS checks and training are current, according to the policy of your host organisation
  • There are different procedures for people who are not employed by University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

What researchers need to do

When you speak with the Research and Innovation team, they will give a full checklist of what you need to do. Research support officers will assist with application forms, provide specific legislative advice to determine if you are allowed to do the research, and ensure all legal obligations are met before the research is started.

The Research and Innovation team will go over the approval process with you and you can also refer to this information when: