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Standard operating procedures

Research staff discuss a study process
Research staff discuss a study process

What are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?
SOPs are documents which are intended to outline the processes and/or procedures for a given purpose or policy application.

These method sheets are sufficiently detailed to be unambiguous, but not so detailed that they are inflexible and continuous amendments are required.

On our website, we have SOPs for sponsorshostsbids and grants, and for Research Space.

How are they used in Leicester’s Hospitals?
The Research and Innovation SOPs are used for reference and the training of Trust research active personnel. They are also used as evidence to assure compliance with the regulatory agencies and frameworks necessary to govern research in the NHS.

What happens if, for some reason, I can’t follow what an SOP says I should do?
SOPs describe working practices, which should be adhered to. However, occasionally specific circumstances may require variations from an SOP.

If you are aware that this might be the case in a study that you are working on, you should inform the Chief or Principal Investigator immediately before you take any action. They will then inform the Research and Innovation team who will be able to advise accordingly.

Formal written explanations and/or justifications of such deviations must be recorded in the appropriate research site files, and where necessary, revised SOPs drawn up and implemented appropriately.

Where can I find the SOPs for Leicester’s Hospitals?
All SOPs are stored on this website as documents that you can download. Please ensure that you download the SOP as well as any appendices.