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Get involved

One of our youngest research participants in the neonatal unit
One of our youngest research participants in the neonatal unit

Research changes lives.

It is only through research that we can develop better treatments and care, as well as improve diagnosis and prevention.

Every year, thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds volunteer for studies taking place at Leicester’s Hospitals. We are proud to be a research active trust, developing world-class specialists in all medical fields to provide the latest medicines, treatments and care pathways for our patients.

Not only that, our research involves people like you in its development to make it more relevant to your needs and priorities.

Wherever you live in the UK, the NHS Constitution states you should be able to learn of any research taking place that is relevant to you. It is clear from evidence that taking part in research can benefit patients and carers by offering the opportunity to try new treatments and learn more about the condition affecting you or someone you care for.

At Leicester's Hospitals, we set out how we will involve you in research in our programme called "Research Shared". You can download the summary PDF of Research Shared. If you work in research and would like to learn more about our strategy, you can read a more detailed version here.

There are many ways to Be Part of Research. You can find out more about local, regional and national opportunities by following the links in this section or you can get information sent straight to your email inbox by joining our research registry.