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Research staff sit at a computer
Research staff sit at a computer

Training is provided to ensure that the high-level principles of good research management and practice are maintained. The key aim is to underpin high-quality ethical research.

Everyone involved in the conduct of research studies must have training to ensure they are best prepared to carry out their duties. This is laid down by the relevant regulatory authorities, covering all research in the NHS in England.

It is currently a requirement within Leicester’s Hospitals that all researchers complete a research training session every three years.

Leicester Hospitals’ requirement for training are set out in the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS):

As part of the on-going support provided to researchers, the following training for studies sponsored or hosted by Leicester’s Hospitals can be accessed:

For studies not sponsored by Leicester’s Hospitals, it is recommended that you check with your Sponsor with regards to their research training requirements and also refer to the Host training SOP requirements.

Other organisations, such as NHS R&D Forum, also provide training. Delegates are charged a fee to access this training. See the NHS R&D Forum for details.