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How can Equality Services help you?

 Information of the services we offer to patients including where appropriate contact details.

Interpreting and translation services

There are many different languages spoken by people living in Leicestershire.  It is vital when going to hospital that patients and staff are able to understand each other.

If you are coming to hospital as a patient and you do not have a good understanding of English, or you use sign language, please let the clinic, ward or department know in advance.  This will allow us to make arrangements for appropriate interpretation services to be provided.

Acute Learning Disability Liasion nurse service

The Trust has a small team of Learning Disability Nurses who are here to support people with learning disabilities and their carers when accessing acute care. The team work closely with staff to ensure reasonable adjustments appropriate to the individual are made during their journey through our services. This also involves acting as a central point of contact between mainstream general hospital services and primary/ community services.

If you are a patient with a Learning Disability, family member or carer who feels you need support, you can contact the Acute Liasion Learning Disability Nurses on 0116 250 2809 or email LearningDisabilities@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.

Multi-faith Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy forms an integral part of the holistic care provided by Leicester's hospitals. As part of the wider hospital team Chaplains draw upon their training, experience and understanding of faith to offer support to patients, relatives or staff members who request their help.

 More information about the Chaplaincy services


Culturally Appropriate Menus

Our catering provider’s aim to ensure that all your dietary and cultural requirements are met during your stay. On your ward there will be a menu folder which holds all the necessary catering information you require. Aside from the main menu of the day, we also have a Multicultural menu (including a wide range of vegetarian options), Halal menu, African Caribbean menu and Kosher menu. Please ask a member of ward staff if you cannot locate the menu you require.


If you have any questions around Equality and patient care, please get in touch with us via email

equality@uhl-tr.nhs.uk or telephone 0116 258 4382.