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Equality objectives and aims

We annually publish our workforce and patient data to evidence whether or not we are delivering on our stated equality commitment and work programme. UHL uses the Equality Delivery System (EDS) as the means by which we do this. The 4 broad areas addressed in the EDS framework are to improve:

  • Health outcomes

  • Patient access and experience.

  • Senior representation within the Trust

  • Staff engagement

As well as dealing with the workforce elements equality is closely aligned to patient experience and engagement both in terms of ambition and day to day activity. 

Progress against the four year work programme is self assessed internally via the Executive Workforce Board (EWB) and Executive Quality Board (EQB).  We have an Equality Advisory Group (EAG) who oversee this process and have undertaken our grading assessment in April 2016.  Our current position is "developed" in the majority of areas and "achieving" in some.

The grading report will be published on 19th May 2016 and updates against our annual Equality Action Plan can be found in the Board reports for August and December annually.