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Children's Healthy Volunteers (controls) Research

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East Midlands Breathomics Pathology Node (EMBER)

Who is it for? Healthy and asthmatic children aged 5-15 years of age.

Why? Our aim is to develop non-invasive tests to better diagnose asthma and other breathing problems in children.

The air we breathe out contains a mixture of chemicals that give a picture of what is happening in our lungs. We are collecting breath samples from children with and without breathing problems and analysing the chemicals in the breath to look for differences between the two groups.

We want to determine whether the breath of children with breathing problems can be used to diagnose conditions such as asthma and lung infection.

To find out more: contact Respiratory Consultant Dr Gaillard or Research Nurses Teresa McNally or Clare Foxon

or visit the EMBER web pages

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There may be other studies for healthy volunteers (also known as "controls"), which we haven’t listed here. This often includes children who don't have the condition being studied, and/or brothers, sisters and other family members.

If you are interested, please ask your Doctor about research that may be suitable for healthy volunteers.

It’s OK to Ask.