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Children's Infectious diseases (viruses and bacterial infections) Research

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Before Arrival at Hospital (The BeArH Project)

Who is it for?

  1. Parents of children under 5 years old that have been admitted to Intensive Care or a High Dependency Unit for an infection.

  2. Health professionals caring for children in first contact settings such as Primary Care, Emergency Departments and Out-of-Hours Services.

Why? Infection is a major cause of illness and death in children under 5 years old. Many of these deaths are avoidable as some infections are treatable if treated in time. This study hopes to identify what affects the decisions that parents and professionals make when a child is sick, so that we can develop strategies to try and make sure that children get help as quickly as possible when they have serious infectious illnesses in the future.

To find out more: contact the Researcher Natasha Bayes or Research Officer Anisa Ahmed

or visit the BeArH website  

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We may have other studies for viral and bacterial infections (including HIV), which we haven’t been able to list here.

Please ask your Doctor about research that may be suitable for you or your child.

It’s OK to Ask.