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Organ Donation Week 2018

Words save lives and the more people talking about organ donation with their families the better.

Millions of people have shared their organ donation decision already, though sadly three people still die every day in need of an organ transplant.

We can change things, though we need your support to do so.

Many people don’t realise that family support is needed for organ donations to go ahead.

Do your family know whether you would like to be an organ donor? Have you ever talked about organ donation with them? If not, chat to them about it during Organ Donation Week! It makes a difficult situation easier when families have already had a conversation about organ donation.

Visit organdonation.nhs.uk or call 0300 123 23 23 to sign up to the register now


Read more on the NHS Blood & Transplant website here. 

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Organ Donation Week - Dr Susan Dashey

Dr Susan Dashey, consultant in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine & ECMO and regional clinical lead for organ donation (Midlands) at Leicester's Hospitals, was interviewed by presenter Ben Jackson about the importance of Organ Donation.

Susan said, ""In my role as an Intensive Care Consultant, I want to make as many people better as I can. However sometimes that’s not possible and collaboratively with my colleagues, we discuss whether a patient’s treatment should be withdrawn."

"We talk to families at this difficult time to see whether they have had any thoughts about organ donation and the organ donor register, and if they would like to donate their loved ones organs."

To listen back to the full interview, please click on the link below:

BBC Radio Leicester - Thursday 6 September, 10:20am

Ben Jackson’s Morning Show – Organ Donation Week - Dr Susan Dashey

(skip to 01:20:16)

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Events taking place during Organ Donation Week 2018 at Leicester's Hospitals

Monday 3 September

Organ Donation Week 2018 begins! 

Tuesday 4 September

Organ Donation Information Stall

  • LEat Restaurant, Glenfield Hospital
  • 10:00am – 4:00pm

Organ Donation Information Stall and Giant ‘Operation’ game

  • Leicester Racecourse, Leicester Road, Oadby, Leicester LE2 4AL
  • First Race – 4:55pm, Last Race – 7:25pm
  • View the race card advert attached below
Organ Donation Week 2018 - Stall at GH, 04/09/18
Stall at Glenfield Hospital

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Organ Donation Week 2018 - Stall at Leicester Racecourse, 04/09/18
Stall at Leicester Racecourse

Wednesday 5 September

Patient Stories

  • Watch some video interviews with patients discussing their transplant journeys and the effect that receiving a donor organ has had on their lives. Keep an eye on this page and our social media channels…

Thursday 6 September

Organ Donation Information Stall

  • LEat Restaurant, Leicester General Hospital
  • 10:00am – 4:00pm

Friday 7 September

Organ Donation Information Stall

  • LEat Restaurant, Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • 10:00am – 4:00pm



Organ Donation Week - Stall at LGH, 06/09/18
John Adler visits stall at the General

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Patient Story

Kathryn Croker, Kevin and Anne Abraham

Kevin Abraham donated a kidney to his daughter Kathryn Croker in 2013. Kathryn discussed her transplant journey with us while Kevin and wife Anne shared what their daughter has been able to achieve because of her transplant.

Kathryn said, "The hospital said I'd need a transplant in around 14/15 years time which was spot on. My Mum & Dad both offered to be a donor for me and were both an exact match. The decision came down to us and my Dad wanted to do it."

Kevin said, "It’s been great to see the difference it’s made to Kathryn’s life, she now leads a full active life and actually there's no difference to my health or anything I can do so it’s been a win-win situation all round."

Anne said, "The hardest part was letting Kevin do it. As her Mum, I thought I ought to be able to do it. One of the happiest days was when Kathryn got married - to see her walking down the aisle with her Dad was absolutely wonderful."

Watch the video below:

Kathryn and Anne were also interviewed live on BBC Radio Leicester on Monday morning by presenter Ben Jackson. To listen back to their interview, please click on the link below:

BBC Radio Leicester - Monday 3 September, 9:00am

Ben Jackson’s Morning Show – Organ Donation Week - Kathryn Croker and Anne Abraham

(skip to 13:21)

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Patient Story

Peter and Wendy Davis 

Forty years ago in 1978, Peter Davis was one of the first patients in Leicester to receive dialysis at Leicester General Hospital and he was the 35th person to have a kidney transplant. Peter and his wife Wendy spoke to us about how Peter's transplant has changed their lives and allowed them precious time with their family.

Peter said: “I started on dialysis in 1974 and had my transplant in June 1978 which is over 40 years ago! I’m on the donor scheme because I know the benefits of course and I’d encourage everyone else to do it. We couldn’t have done this if I hadn’t have had the transplant, bringing up two daughters and doing the best for them as well.”

Peter’s Wife Wendy said, “I think that it would help in the grieving process to think that not everything is dead and part of them has lived on in someone else and is giving them a better quality of life, although it must be really hard for them at the time. It has changed our lives completely.”

Read the full press release here. 

Watch the video below:

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Bodie Hodges Foundation 

Bodie Hodges Logo (Organ Donation)

Nick Hodges is the founder of Bodie Hodges foundation, formed in 2012 after the death of his ten month old son Bodie. The foundation aims to offer support to other bereaved families as well as promoting organ donation.

Nick said, “Sadly we did experience the passing of Bodie, but at the same time the positive light that came from it was that he was able to go on to become an organ donor. As a parent who has been in that most awful situation, if you feel that you can make a difference and stop somebody else from having to go through what we went through, then it’s absolutely worth all of your efforts to try and push that.”

“People are going to view it in different ways and I think it’s about what comes naturally to you. Myself and my wife, when we were in the hospital, we’d had a discussion before about organ donation but really that was for ourselves – we’d never contemplated having to have that discussion with regards to our own children, because it’s not what a parent expects to happen.”

“Once we were in that situation, Bodie had been in hospital fighting for his life for almost five days. We knew that it was unlikely Bodie was going to pull through. When the opportunity came and we were approached by one of the specialist nurses for organ donation, it was quite an easy decision to make because straight away it was a chance for something positive to come out of a horrendous situation.”

“It was the first time we had felt something positive in that five days and we knew immediately that it would give a legacy for Bodie. He was only ten months old and it gave him a chance to leave an impression on the world. It is incredible how that legacy has grown over the past six years.”

“What we didn’t know at the time was what a difference it can make in the grieving process as well. Obviously there’s absolutely nothing that can make you feel okay about it, but knowing that he actually lives on in other children and knowing the difference that he has made, not just to that child he donated to but to their family, extended family, the community that they live within, and also future generations.”

“There’s every chance that those children will go onto have children and that is as a result of Bodie. Across the country that is the result of people becoming organ donors. As I always say to everybody – what use is it him taking it to his grave? He had no need for it anymore. We’d already been told the worst possible news that he wouldn’t be coming back to us so let’s make a positive impact on somebody else’s life.

“As a father, I couldn’t be prouder.”

Listen to Nick's interview with Ben Jackson on BBC Radio Leicester in full below:

BBC Radio Leicester - Wednesday 5 September, 10:50am

Ben Jackson’s Morning Show – Organ Donation Week - Nick Hodges

(skip to 01:53:47)

Read more at http://www.bodiehodgesfoundation.co.uk/

Aired on BBC1 during the Great North Run coverage on Sunday 9 September, the below film has been produced as part of the Organ Donation Schools Education Programme to help educate people about the facts of the organ donation process and how beauty can come from tragedy: