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Two lifesaving ventilators funded by generous donations


The Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal’s Christmas Campaign set out to raise £33,000 for one brand new ventilator for the new Leicester Children’s Hospital. The campaign was so successful that over £70,000 was raised in total. This means that two ventilators can be purchased for critically ill children in intensive care.

Hope and dad Ady

The new ventilators will treat patients like five-year-old Hope Penney from Loughborough, whose inspiring story became central to the Christmas Campaign.

Hope Penney’s story

Hope – born with her left-side organs on her right side of her body – despite needing regular monitoring, is now finally able to enjoy a fairly normal childhood after she received intensive treatment at both Glenfield and Leicester Royal Infirmary. Hope’s heart stopped five times before she received a series of life-saving operations.

The Christmas campaign and the generous donations

Hope’s story inspired many across the county to donate to the campaign. The outstanding total was boosted by a £10,000 donation from the Anand & Sethi Families of Leicester on behalf of their company Anand International Ltd.

Vic Sethi contacted the NHS and made the sizeable gift on behalf of the family and business just before Christmas which led to the campaign’s success.

“We are proud and grateful to the entire NHS for their hard work and for looking after the patients in their care,” says Vic. “This year, it is our wish to donate £10,000 to Leicester Hospitals Charity on behalf of all of us, our companies, employees and clients.”

Claire Campbell, Head of Fundraising at Leicester Hospitals Charity, who run the Leicester Children’s Hospital Appeal, says the charity has been blown away by the support shown over Christmas.

“We are beyond thrilled that we’ve been able to raise funds for not one, but two ventilators which will help save more children’s lives,” says Claire.

“We were inspired by Hope’s story and it shows that the people of Leicestershire were , as we saw their generosity grow throughout the Christmas appeal. The donation from Vic Sethi and family on behalf of Anand International was a wonderful surprise Christmas present and we are truly grateful to him and everyone at Anand International for helping us make sure that all children like Hope get the treatment they deserve.”

Donating to the appeal

If you, your friends and family are interested in contributing towards the overall appeal they can visit DoThemProud.com, or can follow the appeal on Facebook at FB.me/DoThemProud. You can help spread the word on social media using #DoThemProud.