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A Time to Remember and Give Thanks

Press release date [06/08/2021]

The commitment, dedication and bravery of our teams throughout the Covid-19 pandemic was marked this week at a series of poignant events at each of our hospital sites.

Examples of how we pulled together as one Trust-wide team and strived to become the best despite the challenges presented by Covid were told, and the names of our colleagues who lost their lives during the pandemic were read out in a poignant part of each gathering.

Acting Chief Executive Rebecca Brown expressed pride at the way we have worked throughout ‘the NHS’s most challenging period’.

Speaking at the events, she said: “Throughout the pandemic, #Team UHL stood together and battled on not knowing what the next day would bring, never failing, always showing up.

“#Team UHL not only cared for patients and each other, but also led in many areas of Covid management, treatment and research.

“I feel very proud and feel very privileged to have been the chief executive during these most very, very, challenging times.”

Chaplain, Rev Mark Burleigh spoke of the spirit shown by staff.

“In many ways, the NHS is like a family. We spend a lot of time together and we watch each other growing older.

“Because we are a family and we have been pulling together throughout the pandemic, we also want to remember those who died over the last 17 months.

“The pandemic has taken its toll on so many staff, I’ve heard stories of staff who even after they arrive home and shower, still their children will not hug them, sit next to them at the tea table because they are frightened of Covid.

“I’ve heard also stories of people driving to work in tears, not knowing what the day ahead is going to be for them.

“Some of our colleagues lost their very lives throughout this time. We are joined today by the families of some of those colleagues, and of course their loss is much greater than our loss, but they also remind us that none of us come to work alone, we represent our family and friends, many who pay the price for the long hours or the stress of what we do.”

The names of 23 serving staff - aged between 26 and 69-years-old – who died during the pandemic were read at each event. The list included those who died Covid-related and non-Covid related deaths.