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Change to mask wearing in our hospitals - 22 February 2023

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From today (22 February 2023), we no longer require patients, visitors or staff to wear face masks in public areas of the hospital – i.e. corridors, restaurants, stairwells or lifts. This decision has been taken by our infection prevention and control (IP) teams, in response to the drop in respiratory cases including Covid-19 and flu.

To keep people safe, patients, visitors and staff will still be required to wear a mask – unless exempt – in ward areas, emergency admission and inpatient areas. Colleagues and patients who wish to continue to wear masks will be free to do so and the Trust will continue to supply masks at entrances to the hospital, outpatient departments and throughout all our clinical areas.

We will continue to monitor respiratory infection numbers. Should there be a significant increase in cases, there may be a requirement to return to mask wearing in non-clinical areas.