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Celebrating International Women's Day 2023

Rupa Jayaraj
In support of International Women’s Day (Wednesday 8 March 2022), we’re sharing the career journeys of some of our inspirational colleagues and the strong women who’ve supported them on their way. Read about Dr Rupa Jayaraj, Consultant Anaesthetist at Leicester General Hospital, here.

I am a Consultant Anaesthetist at LGH and I’m pleased to be part of UHL’s Women’s Network.

As an anaesthetist, I interact on a daily basis with various members of multi-disciplinary teams - doctors of all grades, operating department practitioners, theatre and ward nurses, Healthcare Assistants, radiographers, midwives and maternity care assistants, porters, administration staff, domestics, medical students, nursing students, midwifery student, paramedic students and more!

What is common to all these teams? Hard-working women who work at the hospital and also have varying responsibilities at home.

I am also part of the group leading the Intercultural Worshiping Community at St Paul’s Church, Oadby and committee member of Leicester Tamil Sangam (Association). These roles help me in small ways to promote women’s empowerment, sharing of views and ideas, cultural unity and diversity.

Women at UHL are a major and integral part of the workforce. This International Women’s Day, we women of UHL should be proud of what we are doing both at work and at home and celebrate ourselves.