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Dermatology service to be co-located for the first time

On Wednesday 15 February, our dermatology services moved to St Peter’s Health Centre, Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester, LE2 0TA.This is the new location for our first, specialist, single-site dermatology department. 

The new facility will enable us to see more patients and provide a faster specialist response for dermatology patients. The modern, bright clinical space at St Peter’s also benefits from better access to parking than is currently available at Leicester Royal Infirmary, as well as an onsite pharmacy where patients can choose to collect your prescriptions issued at the Health Centre. There is full disabled access with a lift to the second floor when the service is situated. The Centre is also served by non emergency patient transport for eligible patients. We hope this improves the experience you have with our dermatology service.


Over time, we will be moving all our dermatology services from Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospital to St Peter’s Health Centre, with the exception of the Mohs surgery service which will remain at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Dermatology services at the community hospitals are not affected by this move.


Will the service be provided by the same team currently based at the hospital?

All our dermatology staff will be moving to St Peter’s too, so patients will be treated by the same team that's at Leicester Royal Infirmary or Leicester General Hospital.


What is happening with the space at Leicester Royal Infirmary that is currently used for dermatology?

The space at Leicester Royal Infirmary will be redesigned to become part of the emergency department. This will help us better manage emergency attendances.


Have any questions about the move?

You can talk to us by calling 0116 258 5162 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.


We would like to know how you feel about the move and your thoughts on the location and service we provide at St Peter’s. During the first months you may find feedback surveys, or our patient engagement team at the site. We’d be grateful for any time that you can spare to share your feedback.