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Leicester Hospitals appoints Lakeside to run their Emergency Department ‘front door’
Press release date13/11/2015
Press release

Leicester Royal Infirmary, part of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (Leicester’s Hospitals), is the busiest single site Emergency Department (ED) in the NHS; an average of 650 emergency patients per day attend the ED at the Royal Infirmary and it has been known for over 710 patients to attend in one day. Over the last 12 months ED performance has been better, with Leicester’s Hospitals delivering the third most improved performance in 2015, but the Royal Infirmary has historically struggled to meet the 4-hour target, partly because of huge volumes of demand and performance remains non-compliant.

From 3rd November 2015 the Royal Infirmary has a new ED delivery partner, Lakeside Plus - sister organisation to Corby based Lakeside Healthcare, a first wave MCP vanguard organisation. The Trust, working in partnership with the three Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Clinical Commissioning Groups, has appointed Lakeside to see, triage, treat or stream all ED ambulatory patients. Richard Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer at Leicester’s Hospitals said: "We believe this will improve the experience for our patients and reduce the pressure on our emergency department and we are excited about this new way of working. We know that making sure patients are seen first by a senior clinician with the right training and skills means that they will be seen and treated more quickly."

Referencing the 700 patients attending daily Mr Mitchell said: "Around 200 of these patients each day still come to us wanting urgent treatment which could be provided elsewhere. The specialist GPs and nurses will make the decision about where the patient is best treated – that could be in the urgent care centre or our emergency department. But, it could also mean using alternative services – their GP, a pharmacist or even home to self-care."

The Lakeside Healthcare Group is one of the 14 Multispecialty Community Provider vanguards appointed by NHS England to develop and implement New Care Models. Lakeside is the only MCP in the South East Midlands/ East of England region and is also partner to Leicester’s Hospitals in its ‘Urgent & Emergency Care Vanguard’. Prof. Robert Harris, Chief Executive of Lakeside Group said: “This is a huge opportunity for Lakeside to demonstrate the difference that general practitioners with deep expertise in managing urgent care patients can make. Simply putting a locum GP in a booth in the ED makes little or no difference. You need a full ALS trained team - doctors and senior nurses - who are coordinated and who understand how to cope with significant volume pressures. We have a model that is well-tested, that is quick and effective in its operation, that is clinically safe and a model that patients love. Not only that, but Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of NHS England has suggested that anyone who wants to see how a GP-led urgent care model really works should examine closely the Lakeside model.”



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