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Take the necessary precautions this winter and avoid any unwanted trips to A&E
Press release date18/12/2017
As winter looms and the cold weather sets in, the risks of falls and slips increases especially with the icy and slippery conditions. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust are encouraging the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to plan ahead and take the appropriate measures to ensure you stay safe and healthy during the festive period.
Press release

With the temperature falling, slips and falls become more likely especially during wet, cold and icy conditions.

Helpful tips to stay safe this winter:

- Spread sand/salt on icy surfaces including walkways, work areas and steps,

- Wear sturdy boots/shoes with a good tread that helps to grip the surface,

- Consider putting the activity off until conditions improve,

- Walk slowly and carefully,

- Keep shoes/equipment/steps clean and dry. Take the time to clean off mud, ice and snow before going out.

If you are unlucky enough to take a tumble and suffer a sprain it is not always necessary to visit your GP or your A&E department.

Usually the best course of action for minor sprains and strains can be treated safely at home.

Tim Lynch, Interim Chief Operating Officer at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “I encourage all residents to prepare in advance for the winter period, by taking a few precautions this can limit the chances of accidents occurring.

“We understand slips and falls can be inevitable especially when conditions are icy. A lot of sprains and strains can be treated at home.

“If you are unsure whether you need medical attention, make sure you call NHS 111 who can give you fast and free expert advice on what you should do. Your local pharmacy can also advise you on over the counter remedies to ease pain or swelling.”

For more information on how to stay well this winter, visit the NHS website: https://www.nhs.uk/staywell.

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