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PET-CT Cancer, Dementia and Cardiac Imaging Scanner 'First of Its Kind in Leicester' Officially Open
Press release date05/03/2018
The PET-CT Cancer, Dementia and Cardiac imaging scanner is the first of its kind in Leicester has been officially opened at Glenfield Hospital.
Press release

Positron Emission Tomography with Computer Tomography (PET-CT) is the latest molecular imaging technology in imaging cancer, dementia and heart disease. It combines functional information (PET) with anatomy (CT) giving a 3D image to accurately diagnose disease, assess its spread and allows the doctor to optimise the treatment best suited for that particular patient. 

In disease processes, functional changes occur before there is a change in structure. PET-CT identifies disease earlier because it is able to identify functional changes and accurately localise it to a specific organ or tissue. PET-CT will help numerous patients with cancer; to identify where disease is located, assess response to treatment and confirm that the tumour has resolved. It will also help in the diagnosis of dementia, earlier than was previously possible. PET-CT will similarly help patients with heart disease. 

Matthew ‘Hoggy’ Hoggard MBE, former Leicestershire Cricket Captain, England Cricketer and 2005 Ashes winner, and Karamjit Singh CBE, Chairman of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust officially opened the new scanner unit. 

Matthew Hoggard said, “Not working within the world of patient imaging I’ve been impressed with the level of technology that is brought to bear in helping clinicians diagnose and then treat disease with PET-CT. I’ve learnt a little about the advanced technology here today that is now better accessible for Leicester and Leicestershire residents and I’m really excited as a local resident to be able to help open this unit."

Dr Rakesh Ganatra, Lead Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT Consultant Radiologist at Leicester’s Hospitals said, “We are fortunate to commission a PET-CT scanner in Leicester, at the Glenfield Hospital site. The facility has been possible due to an initiative between NHS England, UHL and Alliance Medical, the largest PET-CT service provider in Europe. The scanner is here on our doorstep for routine use in clinical practice and opens up huge potential for research and a step towards eliminating cancer. It heralds a new era in functional imaging and personalised medicine.” 

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