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Asia watches Leicester’s Hospitals cardiac team in action!
Press release date02/11/2018
Leicester’s Hospitals multi specialty team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons performed a live Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedure to colleagues on the other side of the world.
Press release

The procedure was transmitted live from the cardiac catheter lab at Glenfield Hospital to a total of 21,295 international health professionals from 36 countries across Asia. 

They were the only UK team invited to take part in the 29th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology and Asia Pacific Structural Symposium and China Structure Week. During the week 50 procedures were transmitted from the week from the leading interventional cardiac centres around the world . Thanks to the internet, IT and the team working earlier than usual the procedure was performed live from 5am UK time.

Professor Jan Kovac, Consultant Cardiologist, said: “We changed someone’s life that day by performing a successful TAVI procedure. But we also shared this life-changing procedure technique with fellow health professionals from around the world. Therefore essentially improving people’s lives worldwide.” 

“This was an amazing opportunity and it paves the way for potentially new and innovative ways for Leicester’s Hospitals to provide excellent online teaching within the NHS and internationally. We are all very proud to help showcase the TAVI procedure on the world stage in this way.”

This was the first time a transmission was purely delivered online previously satellite has been relied upon which is not as seamless. 

Editors Notes 

The world-recognised TAVI procedure allows heart valves to be implanted using a catheter. The procedure is minimally invasive and means patients, particularly the elderly, do not have to undergo open-heart surgery.

The team at Glenfield Hospital carry out around 250 TAVI procedures a year, which give hope to thousands of patients.

To read more about the TAVI procedure, please visit: https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/treatments/tavi

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