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Glenfield Hospital’s cardiology team transmit live procedures worldwide
Press release date12/08/2019
Known as a centre of excellence the multispecialty team of interventional and imaging cardiologists at Glenfield Hospital were invited to showcase their medical skills to the rest of the world.
Press release

In June, Professor of Cardiology, Consultant Cardiologist, Jan Kovac and the structural cardiac team  took part in a live stream of two cardiac procedures to educate and inspire other medical professionals around the world. This is the third consecutive time this team have been asked to be involved in one of the most important meetings of interventional cardiology known as CSI Frankfurt (Cardiac and Congenital Structural Interventions).


The team carried out two successful procedures of TAVI. This is one of Glenfield Hospitals landmark procedures and ever since the team performed the first TAVI procedure in the UK in January 2007 they have attracted cardiologists from all over the world to come and learn. On this occasion the team were based in a theatre at Glenfield and performed the life changing procedure on two different patients utilising the latest technologies in the field.


Professor of Cardiology, Consultant Cardiologist at Leicester’s Hospitals, Jan Kovac said: “The live transmission was a great success. Most importantly our patients made a great recovery and are now benefiting from improvements to their health. On top of this we were able to share best practices and innovative therapies with thousands of specialists from all over the world.


“This invite goes to the most recognised centres of excellence in the world and in our session we were joined by other cardiac centres from Denmark, USA and China.


“A big thank you to the team in Leicester for taking part and helping improve hundreds of thousands of patients’ lives from all over the world.”


The two procedures the team at Glenfield delivered involved Dr Elved Roberts, Dr Julia Baron, Dr Jeffrey Khoo , Dr Amerjeet Banning, Dr Praveen Rao and catheter laboratory team led by  John Steele:  Paul Shepherd,  Sally Allcock, Lauren Blankley, Mandy Prosser, Chris Boocock. First UK tructural team consists from interventional and imaging cardiologists and radiologists, specialised catheter laboratory nurses, cardiac technicians and radiographers.





TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) keyhole aortic heart valve replacement operation. To read more about the TAVI procedure, please visit: https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/treatments/tavi 



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