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National Allied Health Professionals day 2019

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Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) are often the unsung heroes of the NHS; they are the people who work with the medical and nursing teams to diagnose, treat and promote the rehabilitation of patients in a variety of settings. They often see patients throughout their complete treatment journey and are uniquely placed with a diverse and impressive skill set. That is why, here in University Hospitals of Leicester, we want to celebrate each and every one of our AHP’s for their unique contribution to patient care!

Monday 14th October sees the second annual Allied Health Professions (AHPs) Day taking place across the country. This day is a social movement to enable the 14 allied health professions to come together within services, organisations and regions. It is an opportunity to recognise the contribution of AHPs to patient care and population health, and a chance to get to know and celebrate our skills and achievements with fellow AHPs.  In UHL we have 927 AHP’s across all three hospital sites; this definitely calls for celebrations!

Within UHL we have Podiatrists, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Operating Department Practitioners, Orthoptists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Radiographers and Speech and Language Therapists all contributing to the patient’s unique treatment journey.

Follow #AHPsDay hash tag on Twitter and also @Leic_Hospitals to see all of our professions represented, to learn about the role we all play in patient care and most of all celebrate and promote the vital work we do.  In the hospital we will also be celebrating our AHP staff with fruit and vegetable vouchers, lots of freebies and team get togethers to celebrate the contribution we all make.

Here are some of our AHP colleagues telling us why they love their job:

Senior Oncology Dietitian_ Lindsey Foulkes
Senior Oncology Dietitian: Lindsey Foulkes

“I love my job because I get to help people and support them nutritionally throughout their cancer journey, helping patients get some enjoyment out of eating at a time when they are struggling and seeing the positive effect I can have. 

I can make a real difference to someone’s life. The team I work with is like a second family and I am able to continuously develop my clinical skills and knowledge to be the best I can be.”

Physiotherapist_ Stacey Warner

Physiotherapist: Stacey Warner

“I love my job because I enjoy making a difference in the surgical patient’s treatment pathway. We have a very supportive team and work together to improve patient outcomes. ”

Speech and Language Therapists_ Bella Chohan and Emma Dyke
Speech and Language Therapists: Bella Chohan and Emma Dyke

‘We love our job because the variability of the job is good and we do a lot of work with patients in helping them with their quality of life, which is important to us and the patients’.

Radiographer_ Jazmine Ross

Radiographer: Jazmine Ross

“I love my job because I enjoy the varied work and ensuring patients have the best diagnostic images to help with their care. We have a great team of staff who work really well together.”

Operating Department Practitioner (ODP)- Dale Cooke OPD Team Leader

Operating Department Practitioner (ODP)- Dale Cooke OPD Team Leader

“I love being an ODP as I get to be a crucial part of my patients surgical journey through theatre and to ensure that my patient feels and knows that I will care for them in the same manner I would if they were a loved one of mine undergoing a procedure. I am an advocate for them while they are with us and this is a huge responsibility. I get to work amongst a fantastic Mutli-Disciplinary Team which with the patients we care for makes every day different, exciting and unique. ”