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The PASS IT ON campaign

pass it on campaign

We are supporting The PASS IT ON campaign

Did you know that from spring 2020, all adults in England (autumn 2020 in Scotland) will be considered as having agreed to donate their own organs when they die unless they record a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups.

Those excluded will be:

  • people under 18
  • people who lack the capacity to understand the change
  • people who have lived in England for less than 12 months before their death or who are not living here voluntarily


We want to encourage people to make their organ donation decision and share it with family and friends so they can support your decision to donate and make a life changing difference to someone needing a transplant.

Once the new system is introduced across England, families will still be involved before any organ or tissue donation goes ahead and Specialist Nurses will continue to speak with families about their loved one’s decision.

Anyone can visit http://organdonation.nhs.uk for more information.