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Our purpose, strategy and values

Leading in healthcare, trusted in communities
Leading in healthcare, trusted in communities

Leading in healthcare, trusted in communities, UHL strategy 2023-2030

This year, with the support and feedback of colleagues, patients and partners, we have developed a new vision and strategy to act as our compass for the next seven years (2023-2030). Download the strategy here.

We will focus on four primary goals: 

  • high-quality care for all, 
  • being a great place to work, 
  • partnerships for impact, and 
  • research and education excellence. 

Every service and department in our Trust will align their plans to the goals to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction on behalf of patients, communities, and each other. The full strategy will be published in October, setting out key milestones towards our vision and how we will assess progress. 

Our strategy is underpinned by a refreshed set of values. Our new values are the foundation of a positive culture, and we will work to ensure they translate into an everyday reality for all.

  • we are compassionate,
  • we are proud, 
  • we are inclusive, and 
  • we are one team 

This is an exciting moment as we look to the future with clarity on what we already do well and where we need to focus our energies to make an even bigger difference for people in Leicester and beyond.

You can watch a short animation about the strategy here.

2023-2030 Vision and Values
2023-2030 Vision and Values