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Caring at its Best Winners 2017 / 2018

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The annual Caring at its Best awards ceremony took place last night and saw over 500 staff, volunteers and supporters of Leicester’s Hospitals enjoy an evening of celebration at The Athena in Leicester.

The awards are a platform to showcase the hard work of everyone involved in all aspects of Leicester’s Hospitals and to commend the achievements of an extraordinary few. Well done to everyone who was nominated and congratulations to the winners! 


CAIB 2018 Winner - We treat - Pamela Crawford

Pamela Crawford
Estates and Facilities Receptionist

General Hospital

Awarded the
‘We treat people how we would like to be treated’ award. 

CAIB 2018 Winner - We focus on - Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick
Staff Nurse, Ward 33
Royal Infirmary

Received the
‘We focus on what matters most’ award.

CAIB 2018 Winner - We do what we Say - Suzanne Glover

Suzanne Glover
Renal Matron
General Hospital

Presented with the
‘We do what we say we are going to do’ award.


CAIB 2018 Winner - We are Passionate - Corinne Latham

Corinne Latham
Trainee Assistant Nurse

Royal Infirmary

Won the 
‘We are passionate and creative in our work’ award. 

CAIB 2018 Winner - Volunteer of the Year

Meena Joshi
Volunteers at Life's End Project 

Took home the
‘Volunteer of the Year Award’. 

CAIB 2018 Winner - Highly Commended Volunteer

Margaret Alway, Carole Prime & Jenny Mann
Royal Infirmary

‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Volunteer of the Year Award’ category.



CAIB 2018 Winner - We are one team (Bereavement Services)

 Bereavement Services

Selected as winners of
‘We are one team and we are best when we work together’ category.


CAIB 2018 Winner - Mattia Melone

Mattia Melone
Staff Nurse, PICU
Glenfield Hospital

Won the publically nominated ‘Caring at its Best’ award


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Kind thanks to all our sponsors for supporting our Awards.

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