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Our strategy 2023-2030

Leading in healthcare, trusted in communities
Leading in healthcare, trusted in communities

In October 2023, we published our new strategy: Leading in healthcare, trusted in communities. Co-created with colleagues, patients, and partners, it sets out how we will achieve our ambitious vision and the areas we will focus on within each of the four goal areas. The strategy expands on the strategic framework published last month, including our refreshed values.

Simon Barton, Deputy CEO and Director of Strategy, said: “Thank you to everyone who contributed to this strategy, which will be the compass for our organisation over the next seven years. We now have a clear vision and a roadmap for getting there.

The next step is to make this real across every part of UHL, including CMGs and directorates developing the detailed delivery plans for their areas.”

Regular and transparent updates will be provided on progress. You can watch and share the short animation about the strategy here.