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UHL Recognition Awards 2024 – Nominations are open  

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We’re delighted to announce that nominations for the 2024 UHL Recognition Awards Patient’s Choice Award are officially open.  

Have you, your friend or family members received excellent care from a colleague or team at UHL and wondered how you could thank them?  

Our Annual Recognition Award is more than just a yearly affair; it is an opportunity for you to appreciate the incredible work of your NHS heroes.  

Some of the reasons to submit a nomination are: 

  • If you received high-quality care from our compassionate, excellent, and dedicated staff who went above and beyond to care for you. 
  • You want to acknowledge the hard work of a member of staff and understand that a simple gesture of recognition can have a profound impact on an individual's morale and motivation.  
  • You want to celebrate the achievements of a member of staff and how well they have worked with their team to care for you. 
  • You recognise that when you shine a spotlight on the achievements of one individual, you inspire and motivate others. It sets a standard of excellence to aspire to.  

The nomination process is straightforward. Simply complete the nomination form below.  Be sure to highlight the specific achievements and qualities that make your nominee deserving of recognition.  

All nominated colleagues will receive a certificate and go forward to our shortlist. Shortlisted colleagues will attend an award ceremony on 4 October, where the winners will be announced.

Nominations will close on June 15.   

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Has someone at UHL delivered excellent care to you, a friend or a family member? This award is a chance for you to say thank you, and recognise an individual or team that has made a real difference to through their care.  We would like you to tell us:
  • what made the person you are nominating special. Tell us their best qualities so that we understand why they are an excellent choice for this award
  • how their actions have affected you, a family member, or a friend personally
  • if you have an example that you believe makes the nominee stand out or demonstrates how they go above and beyond, tell us
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