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Successful apprenticeships

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Chloe Powell, Customer Service Practitioner (level 2)

 Our learner Chloe Powell has completed her Customer Service Practitioner level 2 Apprenticeship Education Programme – well done Chloe! Chloe is the first of Leicester’s Hospitals learners to pass the apprenticeship standard under the new apprenticeship guidelines that were launched by the Government in May 2017.

 As part of the Apprenticeship Education Programme all learners on a new apprenticeship standard now have an End Point Assessment to complete which provides them with the award. An End Point Assessment is an opportunity for learners to  be assessed by someone who is independent  from UHL where the assessor observes them doing their role and completes a professional discussion on their learning. The learner also has to complete a test, an interview and submits a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates  how they meet the apprenticeship standard. 

Chloe works with our Cardiac Investigation team at Glenfield Hospital. As an Apprentice, Chloe provided clerical support to the office team, but since successfully completing her apprenticeship she has secured a permanent position (band 2) as a clerical administrator with our Cardiac Investigation team. Chloe’s role involves setting up clinics, running clinics, making up appointments etc.  

Although having to attend study days initially reminded Chloe of the approach of formal education, she really enjoyed learning new things in the work place that supplemented this. Apprenticeship Education Programmes provide an opportunity for learners to have the majority of their learning in their profession around their role with only a limited number of study days to provide the knowledge modules needed. 

With recent national Apprenticeship reforms it was only natural for Chloe to be daunted by the End Point Assessment (EPA), but once our apprenticeship  team discussed how the knowledge she has learned is put into practice, she was happy to progress with it all and passed first time! 

Sandra Wain, Learning and Development Facilitator for Leicester’s Hospitals said: “During her apprenticeship, I have seen Chloe’s confidence grow. She is a valued team member and is very able at carrying out her role. I would like to say a big thank you to Chloe’s line managers, Nicola Reeves and Jackie Burns who supported Chloe throughout her apprenticeship.”


Chloe Powell - Apprentice

Sarah Faulks, Admin Assistant at Rutland Memorial Hospital

Sarah explains:

"In November 2017 I started my journey into the NHS and for 14 months I was an Apprentice Admin Assistant at Rutland Memorial Hospital in Oakham.

"I decided an apprenticeship was the way forward for me as I am a very hands on person and I have always been very keen to work. I think apprenticeships are perfect as they give you the ability to earn whilst you learn in a workplace environment. 

"Throughout my apprenticeship I have learnt so much and gained many amazing skills which will definitely benefit me in my future career in the NHS. The scheme provides ‘study days’ which are all trainer led with a class of people also participating in a customer service apprenticeship which means, along the way, I have also made friends for life! 

"At the beginning I was assigned a facilitator to help guide me in the right direction and for someone to go to if I have any problems or concerns. Ballie (my facilitator) was amazing and always there to support me when needed, which I think is great as you don’t feel on your own. I also received a lot of support from my colleagues and management. 

"Throughout my time as an admin apprentice I have also built good relationships with patients and the public, which I think is also a nice feeling and gives you more job satisfaction. I recently received an Above and Beyond award from the feedback patients have left on comment cards mentioning me, which I was so pleased about! 

"After my apprenticeship finished I applied for the full time post here at Rutland Memorial and was successful, meaning I am now currently a permanent member of the team. I feel like my apprenticeship helped me get to where I am at now and provided me with the right skills I needed to be successful in my application. I was really excited to be permanent as I really love being a member of the Alliance UHL team. I think it is such an amazing organisation to work for all the people I have met along the way have been lovely.

" I think there are so many benefits of working for the NHS and there are some lovely staff recognition awards. I have just received the Alliance Star Of The Month for completing my apprenticeship and receiving a distinction which I think is a lovely way to finish the apprenticeship and to celebrate all my hard work. I plan on continuing my journey and hopefully plan on seeing how I can take my qualification further and gain more experience."




Apprentice Admin Assistant

Afzal Momoniat, Business Admin Apprentice, Royal Infirmary 

Afzal explains:

"I am completing a Business Administration Diploma (Level 2). I was advised by my work coach that it was an alternative way to become part of, and join, the NHS.

"The Apprenticeship Education Programme supports my current role by allowing me to learn and develop new skills whilst gaining experience in the working environment. It will support my future career by giving me the skills and experience I need to develop into the next role. I am enjoying the studies, working with my manager and the team.  If I was giving advice to someone who was thinking about becoming an apprentice I would say ‘GO FOR IT’ you will build a strong and solid foundation to work with and develop as you go further in your career." 

Afzal Momoniat
Afzal Momoniat