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Involvement @ its best

Listening into Action

Listening into Action™ is a comprehensive, outcome-oriented approach to engage all the right people behind quality outcomes.

It is clear that no amount of inward investment, restructuring or reconfiguration can, in itself, deliver the step change in quality and safety of patient care or the associated improvement in working conditions, environment and culture that staff crave, unless we fundamentally change the way we do change.
Listening into Action is a systematic approach to engage and empower our clinicians and staff around any challenge. It is about mobilising and leveraging the full potential of our workforce to improve outcomes for our patients, for our staff, and for our Trust.
Launched in Leicester’s Hospitals during March 2013, Listening into Action is about embarking on a journey to bring about real change by bringing staff and their ideas together and empowering them to take action and make the changes they need to make and that we all want to see.
This model of engagement has already been proven to work in other NHS Trusts across the country.  They’ve seen real change brought out including improved clinical outcomes, reduction in waiting times for patients, improvements to the environment, reduction in mortality rates, improvements in staff morale and reduced sickness levels, shift in leadership style and culture … and many more.
Listening into Action, as the name suggests, is a new way of doing things which is all about listening to the views of staff and using what you say to make our organisation a better place for our patients and a better place to work.
Listening into Action
is not a three or four month flash in the pan management idea, to do it properly takes commitment, time and effort.  Our Trust Board is fully supportive of this approach to staff engagement.
Listening into Action is not a survey. Whilst it does involve finding out what staff think are the issues and challenges in every aspect of what we do, it also puts staff in the driving seat around making changes.
Listening into Action is about connecting and bringing people together.
Listening into Action is about celebrating our successes and using our stories to inspire others.
Ultimately, Listening into Action allows us all to share ownership and responsibility for improving care for our patients and working lives for ourselves.
We hope that as a result of this change in behaviour you will really begin to see changes for the better at Leicester’s Hospitals
John Adler, Chief Executive

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