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Trainee Rotas

Here at UHL we work to ensure there is an appropriate balance between the training and educational needs of our trainees, the needs of the services we provide to our patients and to ensure we comply with both the “New Deal” and the Working Time Regulations.  

Our priority is the safety and well-being of our doctors and patients, therefore it is important that you adhere to your work pattern wherever possible. The regulations are clear that on occasion clinical need may mean that a doctor has to work outside of their work pattern, but this must be very occasional and not the norm.

The duty rotas we provide to our junior doctors are produced using a compliant rota template (if you have not received a copy of your rota template, please ask your Junior Doctor/Medical Staff Administrator (JDA/MSA) for a copy).

We are proud of having a great track record of producing and managing compliant rotas and take our responsibility to monitor the hours actually worked by trainee doctors seriously. If you encounter problems complying with your rostered hours or taking breaks, you should report this by telephone or e-mail to the relevant JDA/MSA, and/or your Consultant, Educational Supervisor, or your CMG Medical Lead so that we can work together and take appropriate action.

In addition the Trust has also introduced a Breach Form, which you are required to complete if you work beyond your rostered work pattern or are unable to take the necessary breaks and/or rest.  Paper copies of the Breach Forms are available from your JDA/MSA.  Once completed the breach form should be returned to the JDA/MSA and appropriate action will be taken to assist in resolving the issue(s) you may encounter.

Your co-operation in reporting any issues as soon as they arise will ensure that Consultants and CMG teams can work with you to resolve the problems and ensure that your working hours are safe, compliant with legislation, support your training and development and are, above all, enjoyable.

For queries about rota templates, duty rosters or monitoring please contact your JDA/MSA in the first instance or the Trust Senior Medical HR Officer.