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Leave Entitlements

Leave Entitlements

Annual Leave

  • 5 weeks plus 2 consessionary days (i.e. 27 days) per annum

  • 9 days to be taken within each 4 month rotation

  •  Pro rata for part-time doctors

  • You must follow CMG procedures when booking annual leave

Bank Holidays

  • 8 per annum

  • Pro rata for part-time doctors

Lieu Days

  • If working a bank holiday 1 days will be given back in lieu (should ideally be taken within the following month)

  • For specific junior doctor rotas a day off in lieu will also be allocated if an off day falls on a bank holiday (applies to 1/3 of UHL rotas)

Sick Leave

  • CMG process - ask your Junior Doctor/ Medical Staff Administrator (JDA/ MSA) for details

  • On the first day of sickness

    • Contact your JDA/ MSA
    • Call your consultant
  • 1-7 days
    • Self certificate
  • 7+ days
    • Medical certificate
  • Fit note: may suggest ways of supporting a return to work
  • Return to work discussion with a consultant/ manager
    • Essential to ensure your return to work form is completed as this could impact on your pay.