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‘Salary Maxing’ Employee Benefits

We aim to be leading edge with our range of employee benefits within the NHS. This gives our contracted employees the opportunity to work for an employer of choice, and participate in an unrivalled range of employee benefits creating a very loyal workforce.

'Salary Maxing' is the name of the Trust’s unique range of employee benefits which have been designed to make employees’ salaries go further using Salary Exchange (often referred to as salary sacrifice).

Once you start employment with us you simply select the benefits you wish to exchange part of your regular contractual salary for. The salary you have exchanged for your benefits maximises the savings you can make by reducing (depending on the specific scheme) tax, National Insurance and where appropriate, Pension contributions.

Schemes available to our employees include :-

UHL's Childcare Voucher Scheme offers childcare vouchers through Salary Exchange enabling working parents to make massive savings on their childcare costs! Available to existing UHL scheme members only.

'Park and Save' is an onsite car parking scheme offered through Salary Exchange which enables you to make savings on your "on-site" parking.

'Salary Maxing' for Accommodation offers living accommodation which the Trust owns and manages through Salary Exchange. Our normal rental prices are extremely competitive but by using ‘Salary Maxing for Accommodation the saving increases!

Salary Maxing Car Scheme offers you an opportunity to drive a brand new vehicle with no deposit  via Salary Exchange thus reducing those motoring costs.  The scheme will provide you with a brand new, insured and serviced car for worry free motoring along with a fully inclusive motoring package!

Salary Maxing Cycles Scheme offers you an opportunity to cycle to work over 12 months and reducing your petrol consumption while increasing your fitness and health!


More Information - Please click on the scheme name or use the links to the left hand side of the page to access further information on each scheme.