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'Park and Save'

Park and Save'  is an onsite car parking scheme offered through Salary Exchange which enables you to make savings on your parking costs.

We currently offer over 4,300 car parking spaces across our three sites and have a range of different options available!


What our employees say about 'Park and Save'

Systems Assistant – “Knowing somewhere that is well lit and only a short walk from my office for the small amount I pay each month means I do not have to worry or allow extra time for parking on my daily commute.

Where I park I have easy access to work and it is well lit so feel a little more comfortable getting to and from my car".

Administrator – “I have a lengthy commute to work and for a small Salary Exchange I appreciate the car parking facilities as it would make my journey more difficult and costly to park anywhere else.

Ever since I joined the Trust, I had always paid for car parking, but since the ‘Park and Save’ scheme was introduced, paying through Salary Exchange has enabled me to make savings”.