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'Salary Maxing' Take IT Home

'Salary Maxing' Take IT Home offers you an opportunity to have IT products such as Apple iPads, Apple Macs, laptops and desktops via Salary Exchange.

Our packages are amazing value and include warranty and accidental damage cover for three years and are a great alternative to buying outright!

What our employees say about our ‘Salary Maxing’ Take IT Home Scheme

  • Finance Manager – “I was looking to buy some IT equipment and when the ‘Salary MaxingTake IT Home scheme was launched so I thought this would be a good route to investigate.  The ‘Salary MaxingBenefits Portal website is really easy to use, displaying a wide of range of IT products all of which have good specifications and great value with additional savings through Salary Exchange spread over 36 months!” 

  • Head of Nursing – “Christmas solved in a flash! It’s a really clear and easy to follow website - Simple instructions even for an IT illiterate like me!  The ‘Salary MaxingTake IT Home scheme is amazing and I now have no stress about what Christmas presents to get and I saved money! The ‘Salary Maxing’ Benefits Portal website really works for me, all my benefits in one place.”