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‘UHL's Childcare Voucher Scheme’

UHL's Childcare Voucher Scheme‘ offers childcare vouchers through Salary Exchange enabling working parents to make massive savings on their childcare costs!

Vouchers can be used to pay for all types of childcare and are accepted at thousands of registered carers including day nurseries, play groups, nannies, au pairs, crèches, childminders, out of school clubs, holiday clubs or schemes, before and after schools clubs, extra curricular activities, activity holiday like Camp Beaumont, PGL and Supercamps

You can Salary Exchange up to £243 per month for Childcare Vouchers. Once you’re joined voucher values can be simply varied to meet your needs!

Vouchers aren’t just for the under 5s and can be used until 1st September following the child's 15th birthday or 1st September following the child's 16th Birthday if the child is registered disabled.


What our employees say about ‘UHL’s Childcare Voucher Scheme’

Senior Physiotherapist – “I use my vouchers to pay for a childminder to look after my 2 year old son two days a week and to pay for her to drop off and pick up my 4 year old from school.

My husband and I take the maximum allowance of £243 per month each. Once you have taken into account the Tax saving on the scheme it means we are at least £1,000 better off every year.

As the reduction goes straight out of your pay you don’t need to think about budgeting for childcare each month. Paying the childcare provider is online and simple and the amount paid can be altered each month easily. My childminder prefers it to other forms of payment as she receives payment on time and straight into her account.

I can also see it will have its benefits as the children get older and start wanting to go to after school activity clubs or holiday activity schemes”.

Human Resource Administrator – “Childcare Vouchers is a really good scheme where you can save money. It is set up very easily and you can also track it on the website. What is really good about the scheme which I was unaware of is that you can use the vouchers for additional out of school classes”.

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